Bandung Part 2

Although I was told Bandung is a small town, with such short trip of 3 days 2 nights, it is not enough for me to tour around there. Main place such as Kawah Putih is a tourist attraction that could not be missed. Just in the middle of nowhere, there is an existence of a lake filled with fluoride water that eventually looks bluish. I tried to learn on the photography skill in order to take good pictures, so indeed some photos that I would love to share. Some of the photos were not taken by me, so credibility is indeed not just from me. 🙂

After visiting Kawah Putih, next pitstop is no doubt another exploration of cafes that I have done some homework via searching from the net. Hummingbird – What does it mean to you? This place that I went to is definitely one of the most nice place that I would love to visit again just to hang out with my friends. What I love about Bandung is that there are so many cafes that emphasizes on the design of their cafes and transform into another wonderland. Looking at the menus, I decided to order myself wagyu teriyaki rice that serve with healthy vegies. We also ordered entree that I actually have forgotten the name of it. >_< I realised in Indonesia has a trend of ordering flavoured tea such ice lychee tea, iced peach tea and etc. My “friend” ordered lamb shank and it tasted really good. Nevertheless, we ordered Coffee cake and Red Velvet Cake and really taste yummy…

Right after our lunch, we decided to visit Brussels Spring which located at Setiabudi of Bandung – another unique cafe to taste some of the menus that they offered in there. Look at the photos that I’ve shared ! Isn’t this look really cool? Dried flowers thrown into the jar of hot water and eventually open into what they have called it Blossom Tea. It doesn’t take really strong which in fact I think it is just perfect for a tea-time menu drink. On the othe hand, my friend ordered strawberry smoothies (which they name it Valentine) ~ Although just a normal smoothy, but the glass and spoon that re-presented has made it more exciting.

Places to visit to Bandung :

Brussels Spring
Jl. Setiabudi 49-51.
Bandung, West Java
Phone (022) 2040410

Hummingbird Cafe
Jl. Progo No. 14
Phone (022) 4212582


Bandung Trip for 2012 Part 1

SO!!! First trip of the year 2012 ever since I came back from overseas is to BANDUNG…

Bandung is well-known of its nice weather and cafes around the city. To some people, it is like 2nd Bali of Indonesia..To me personally? It’s like Melbourne where I can go and relax in cafes , having a cup of coffee in the morning , viewing the scenery, enjoy brunch with friends, loved ones, family, anyone you can name it!

My trip was then 3 days 2 nights! Although, I still think is not enough, but at least I go get to enjoy it, all that matters, don’t we?

We set out on Friday night from Jakarta to Bandung, and it was only about merely less than 2 hours of driving down to Bandung.

Next morning is our real journey to tour around Bandung , basically no plans of where to visit but all we are going to do is to search for good food… The first place that we went is called kafeteria 170 which located on its famous Pasir kaliki no 170. A unique name but unable to be tracked in our GPS.. Reason? GPS not yet being updated or Kafeteria 170 is just a mistery cafe of curiousity… *giggling*

When we enter the cafe, we were the first customer of the day! How awesome.. no one and its only US!  The atmosphere of the cafe is like an old antique coffee shop with kiosk of various food that you can look for in that place.

As we look through the menu, I decided to go with the most original club sandwich and nasi campur for breakfast. Nevertheless, I have ordered myself hazelnut latte and mini dim-sum donuts as you can see from the pictures.

When you visit Kafetaria 170, do not forget to buy some snacks from there. We bought local bakpia which have chocolate, butterscotch, green beans and cheese flavoured. Freshly baked everyday and here is the yummy bakpia!!! 😀 Stay tuned for more food adventure as this is just the beginning of the excitement!

Address :

kafetaria 170

Jalan Pasir Kaliki no 170

Bandung, Indonesia

Mocha Jo’s @ Glen Waverley

Just a few weeks ago, my girlfriends and i were gathering at Glen Waverley for brunch and decided to choose Mocha Jo’s (one of the famous places in that area).

We arrived at 11.30am and we just missed out the breakfast menu… 😦 So , we have to end up browsing through the lunch menu instead. I prepared my stomach for “#4 THE CHICKEN” – which consists Roasted chicken breast mixed with fresh herbs, fresh tomato, spinach leaves and chunky chips served with mayonnaise (which I reckon they made their own mayo…)For drinks, I ordered white mocha (Different from the usual mocha that we all know, but this tastes really really NICE~)

My other 2 friends has individually ordered “SAGANAKI” – which is Grilled traditional Greek cheese, fresh lemon wedge, warm pita bread and “SHELLFISH LINGUINI” – Fresh black mussels, baby clams, tomato, garlic, parsley, chilli, extra virgin olive oil.

Overall verdict, presentations are well organised, prices are reasonable and good atmosphere to hang around with your friends for couple of drinks. Each of us spent roughly about $20.00 for the meal and we all walking out happily ever after….~ 😀


Shellfish Linguini


To Visit this place either for:

Breakfast from 7.00am – 11.30am (weekdays) or

                            7.30am – 12.30pm (Weekends or Public Holidays)

Otherwise :  Lunch / Dinner / Drinks

87 Kingsway
Glen Waverley Vic 3150

Telephone : (03) 9560 8444

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My lunch today : BiBimBap

This is my first time making BiBimBap. With ingredients that I used:

  1. Shitake Mushroom
  2. Spinach
  3. Bean Sprouts
  4. Carrots
  5. Zucchini
  6. Mince Beef
  7. White Rice (I used basmati rice) 😀
  8. Egg
For me to share to everyone! This is how it turns out to be… And thanks to Maangchi that I learnt a new dish today!

Fish and Chips @ Glen Waverley

Yesterday, I just had chicken Schnitzel burger for my lunch at one of the area in Glen Waverley near Syndal Station. I wouldn’t say if it is the best fish and chips in that area as I was recommended by one of my friends, whom saying that the prices are considered one of the cheapest.

With this burger that I have chosen, it only costs me $6.50 for quite a huge portion. I have ordered a grilled flake for just $5.30! 😀

Grilled Flake

Chicken Schnitzel Burger


I think it is worth to give it a try considering that it was not bad as to compare some other fish and chips places that I have tried before in the past.

Place :

256 Blackburn Road,

Glen Waverley Vic

Telephone: 03 9802 8359

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Muharam courtyard Cafe at Hawthorn, Melbourne

Yesterday, I finally get to meet up with my girls and had lunch together at one of the cafe located in Hawthorn, Melbourne.  I have never been to that area to shop or spend time around that area… Erm.. SO, my friend who works around that area has decided to call us to have lunch together at Muharam! I picked my friend up from her place and drove to Hawthorn.

Tash (who is the good friend of mine and works around that area) recommends a cafe nearby called “Muharam”. I never heard of it but I always trust her taste because she has always had similar taste as me in terms of fashion or food wise. We met up at 12 noon. Alvi (who is also another good friend of mine) and I went into the place and there it was the reservation table that has already waiting for us.. >_< First impression of the place is that it is just timeless.  The cafe has 2 different parts where customers are able to choose to sit at the back of the cafe @courtyard or indoor which is the cafe itself.  As we took our seat indoor, the lady came to us with a simple menu that she was holding on her hands. I had a look through at the menu and it’s basically look simple and ordinary.  Muharam serves all day breakfast as well as lunch. Some home-made cakes are being served too. We were chatting while browsing what we want for lunch as well as waiting for Tash to arrive.  Soon after, my dear Tash has arrived! She has always look cheerful and excited (must be lunch time!!) .

Just quickly looking through the menu once again, we have decided to order our food. I ordered Steak sandwich as I was told that this place serve good and delicious steak sandwich. Alvi has go ahead with chicken salad (somehow couldn’t really remember the full name). With Tash, she ordered food of the day – Thai Chicken with rice. On top of that, recommendations suggested that the cafe make good coffee too! Nevertheless, I ordered my all time favourite Mocha, and Alvi chai latte. My steak sandwich is really YUMMY!! It serves with big chunk of chips with some home-made sauce which they really cut into big strips from 100% actual potatoes and deep fried.  The bread was spread with butter and it was a bit of oily, but it still tastes absolutely tasty as the juicy steak just make the whole dish looks perfect. With Mocha as companion, I am just so into the lunch.. (^_^)v

It was a good lunch overall!! Crowds start to flow in during lunch time and amazing about this place is that there is open backyard for customers who want to enjoy lunch in such jazzy atmosphere. I enjoyed with the girls chit chatting almost anything! From the food that we ate to any topic such as fashion, my trip, our activities and etc. This is why I like to be around with good people and friends where we can share our happiness and troubles. I am really blessed to have them as my good friends in my life.. 🙂 As we continued the one hour lunch break before Tash has to go back to work,  I saw the young lady owner and she looks sweet and pretty. No wonder the cafe that she builds has a cosy and very jazzy feeling. I am really in love with it and would love to enjoy my afternoon just sitting down and enjoy a cup of coffee.. 🙂

Location: 81 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Vic 3122

Telephone: (03) 9818 7722

Little Creatures @ Brunswick

Let  me introduce Little Creatures @ Brunswick!

I had been to this place just once and I’m in love with it! Not only they are unique (place looks like a warehouse), but they have all sorts of food served.. For what I know, they even brew their own beer and had different flavors..

It was couple months ago when my friend suggests we should try this place out. When we entered the restaurant, I thought it was unique and very casual environment! What a name for this kind of place called “Little Creatures”! I thought there will be lots of different of creatures figurine hanging around the wall or might be some designs that relates to the name of the place… Anyway, we looked at the menu, and there’s lots of varieties to choose from. Firstly, we ordered the beer which is called “rogers” *said to be the most famous* at a start. We ordered 2 different types of beer but I couldn’t recall the other name of that particular flavor that we tried.

The beers could be ordered in 3 different sizes which I think we choose the small size (avoid to get drunk during lunch time). So, followed by the drinks, we quickly ordered pizzas and mussels without wasting any time because my friend said (who’ve been there before) usually by lunch time, the place will be packed. And we need to be quick with our orders, otherwise it’s going to take ages for us to start our feast! While chit chatting through along among 4 of us, our orders finally arrived!

Since it was months ago where I’ve been there, for foodlovers who would like to have a try at their place, please refer to their website! They have all information that you guys need! Have fun enjoying the food! Hope it’s a new discovery for those of you who have not known this place !

Soul Mama @ St Kilda Beach

My 2nd blog this time is about a vegetarian restaurant that I went on 29/12/2009. I’ve been to this place couple of times but usually during the nights where I meet up with friends and have a chill out for drinks and desserts. This time round, my friend suggested we should try out the lunch menu. SO, plan for my day this day is gym in the morning and went back home to dress up (summer dress) and head off to Melbourne St Kilda’s beach..

It was really such a good weather that day that I am so in love with the atmosphere, the people around me, the breeze, the sunny day that slowly burning me, pretty  much everything. But anyway, when we arrived, we were served by the friendly customer service, she asked us if we would like to sit indoor or outdoor. Of course, we choose to sit outdoor! We quickly decide on choosing on the menu which is “Any 5 hot/cold dishes with rice” which costs $19.50. Since it was a quite big portion, my friend and I decided to share the plate followed with their famous potato chips that served with sweet chilli and sour cream. Talking about the potato chips, it was made of fresh potatoes cut in slices and deep-fried (as if normal fries but only this time, they were slices). Nevertheless, on top of it, I ordered english breakfast tea and my friend ordered caramel tea which taste really extraordinary… (Although it tastes not bad, but still not my thing. -__-)

We choose most of it with salads (salad dressing = yoghurt) and chilli pea stew which we ate with brown rice. The waitresses are very friendly, however the person who serves seem to forget our orders. We asked for extra plate cos we are sharing and dessert menu, but she totally forgot about it. We didn’t make hazzle about it anyway because we were busy chit chatting.. 🙂 She did come back to us to apologize.. The atmosphere of the place is very pleasant as it faces right in front of the beach. SO you can enjoy the nature of the sea while enjoying your food, what a LEISURE!

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average ( You would probably looking around starting $12 and above)

Atmosphere: Relaxing, enjoyable, nature-feeling

Food : Around 7 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 10 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Contact: 9525 3338

Cafe Vue 401 @ St Kilda

This is probably the official place that I’ve tried the breakfast and serious comments about them. I like the atmosphere as the place has some good interior design. My plan for that day (on 23/12/2009 to be specific) was to spend a relaxing day with my friends (dress on our summer dresses) and there we found the place.  When we arrive, the waiter who serves us is very friendly (he’s cute by the way). Cutlery that was used consider antique to me.

Moving onto the food and drinks, first off : 3 of us ordered different coffees : Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha (I ordered this by the way). I love my Mocha. I think they used chocolate chip at the bottom.  I never get to taste the other drinks that my friends ordered but it smells nice to me. >_< We looked over the cute menu (menu design consist of some funny jokes) for breakfast, but on the 2nd page, there’s  lunch menu which customers can start ordering at 11am. We were there at 10.55am, SO which makes us instead of having breakfast, we might as well try the lunch menu!..

SO our final decision were to order the lunch :  I ordered chicken wrap with their home-made chips. Chicken Wrap overall is not bad but the salad taste more like those which usually serve on Vietnamese rolls…  Although it tastes not bad, I did not expect it as I would expect to be western food totally. 2 of my friends ordered Yorkshire Pudding and Smoked Salmon Sandwich respectively. Out of 3 dishes that we ordered, I think Yorkshire pudding is the best.. The smash potatoes is creamy and soft. It serves with slices of beef which is very tender..The best sauce that I’ve ever tasted was their tomato sauces! They make their tomato sauce which tastes so deliciousss that 3 of us finished at least half of bottle of it! haha…

Customer service is good as they have friendly smiles and look after us whenever we run out of our glasses of water. In terms of pricing, I consider cheap as they do not overcharge the food at the place. Although I never get to try their desserts, but they serve such as pistachio cupcakes, assorted cakes (nice presentation of cakes) and a good place to relax with your pets, friends!

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average ( Consider cheap eats)

Atmosphere: Pet-friendly, modern, friendly customer service.

Food : Between 6.5 – 8 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 401 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 3000

Contact: 03 9866 8055