Sydney Trip Soon from 13th July – 16th July

Stay Tuned all food lovers! !!

I will be at Sydney from 13th July – 16th July 2011. One of my tasks for sure is to try their best cafés and restaurants that they have in Sydney Town! From where I stayed, is exactly just minutes away from all the good food that I can just easily reached out..!! I wish I could stay longer, but I hope I can get as much as food photos when I’m there!! 😀  *fingers crossed*



After such a long time

After such a long period, I am finally back on writing on this page.

So far, it has been a refreshing year for 2010.. I get to meet new people, traveling, new job, new environment and on top of everything, I found my love once again. 😀

I am now back on track writing on my food blogs which is something I have always to continue on doing.. But MORE TO COME…! Because this blog will not just simply featuring on just food, but from now on, I will also put up photos of anything that I like, but mostly Fashion! Fashion as I told my friends around me, it is the passion of my life, the drive, the motivation, and the fascinating moment when I think what to wear, to accessories, to make up with my style of fashion. And so, for the past year, I met friends who share the same passion and interest with me and we decided to open our own business on fashion which names “Nouvelle Entrée”.

It simply means New Entrance! Concept is based on exposing new potential designers, new styles, new trends that we can offer to the world. Why do we have to spend on the same brand that we always stick with? Why don’t we try on something different? This is thus what we would like to point out to all fashion lovers. On top of everything, all products are limited quantities that only available in 2 quantities per piece! How cool is that?! >_< So i thought I will not only put up with food, but also the fashion thing that we think it will a good combination and NEEDS that suits all my readers. If you have the time, please go to That’s where our fashion corner is, all you can see of all our products.

Obstacles that is ahead of me will be unknown, but I know for sure this is going to be tough road.. But do not worry FENCIANA, because perseverance, positive thinking, be innovation are all the answers to success.

Well Guys, I hope you will enjoy these moment of me sharing food blogs, fashion blogs, or YES… Jewelleries are coming soon MADE by FENCIANA….!!! EXCITINGGGGG….. I am in the midst of learning of designing my own jewelleries… So in the future, if any of you are interested to purchase, please feel free to let me know! 🙂 I will for sure try my best to show case all of my treasures… Good Nite – 11.11pm 27 February “Pens Down”

Cafe Vue 401 @ St Kilda

This is probably the official place that I’ve tried the breakfast and serious comments about them. I like the atmosphere as the place has some good interior design. My plan for that day (on 23/12/2009 to be specific) was to spend a relaxing day with my friends (dress on our summer dresses) and there we found the place.  When we arrive, the waiter who serves us is very friendly (he’s cute by the way). Cutlery that was used consider antique to me.

Moving onto the food and drinks, first off : 3 of us ordered different coffees : Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha (I ordered this by the way). I love my Mocha. I think they used chocolate chip at the bottom.  I never get to taste the other drinks that my friends ordered but it smells nice to me. >_< We looked over the cute menu (menu design consist of some funny jokes) for breakfast, but on the 2nd page, there’s  lunch menu which customers can start ordering at 11am. We were there at 10.55am, SO which makes us instead of having breakfast, we might as well try the lunch menu!..

SO our final decision were to order the lunch :  I ordered chicken wrap with their home-made chips. Chicken Wrap overall is not bad but the salad taste more like those which usually serve on Vietnamese rolls…  Although it tastes not bad, I did not expect it as I would expect to be western food totally. 2 of my friends ordered Yorkshire Pudding and Smoked Salmon Sandwich respectively. Out of 3 dishes that we ordered, I think Yorkshire pudding is the best.. The smash potatoes is creamy and soft. It serves with slices of beef which is very tender..The best sauce that I’ve ever tasted was their tomato sauces! They make their tomato sauce which tastes so deliciousss that 3 of us finished at least half of bottle of it! haha…

Customer service is good as they have friendly smiles and look after us whenever we run out of our glasses of water. In terms of pricing, I consider cheap as they do not overcharge the food at the place. Although I never get to try their desserts, but they serve such as pistachio cupcakes, assorted cakes (nice presentation of cakes) and a good place to relax with your pets, friends!

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average ( Consider cheap eats)

Atmosphere: Pet-friendly, modern, friendly customer service.

Food : Between 6.5 – 8 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 401 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 3000

Contact: 03 9866 8055