Semarang Trip Day 1

Just a flash back on my trips that I went during the last few weeks, first was Bandung which only lasts for 3 days 2 nights. So my next trip has to be longer and it happens to be around 1 week! Exciting and totally fun 😀

For 1 week planning, my destinations are to Semarang, Yogyakarta and Batu Karas… I guess many of you might not know where is Batu Karas, which I will cover in the next few blogs in order to keep you all (my readers) waiting..

My trip starts really early at around 3am, due to avoid any traffic jam during the long holiday (Reason : Lebarang in Indonesia), and it takes us about 16 hours to drive all the way from Jakarta to Semarang, although it can be more faster. Just a bit inside story, sitting in a car enjoying the view is always something that I enjoyed…  Enjoying the sounds of music going in through my ears, being with someone who makes you comfortable and enjoyable makes the whole trip even more interesting. Suffering much through enduring urinate on the way (manage to stop by at pit stop, and queue for like 30 minutes to use the toilet ) -__-” , finally we arrived at Semarang at night around 8ish…  Without hesitation, we tried this place where I was recommended by my friend who stays in Semarang , Geisha! A combination of mixture Japanese, Italian and (could not remember the 3rd one, sorry peeps).. hahahah We just sit right in the middle of the place and  quickly ordered through the menu.

The place where you were surrounded with cutting edge designs, romantic candle-light served dishes, feel the breeze windy weather, overall you just feel very comfortable hanging in that place. It will be fun too for group hangout/gathering.

Geisha Sushi

Phone: (024) 850-3344
Fax: (021) 850-3255
Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 19 C, Semarang

Just after dinner, we decided to go to a place where they are famous for the desserts and night scenery. The place is located at the top of the hill and we are able to view really nice night view. At the restaurant, they mainly served ice cream and pancakes. We hang out there for a while just to taste the specialty that they offer. What do you think? Looks yummyy, isn’t it ?! They tend to closed at midnight, so do not miss out the place.

Lind’s Old fashioned Ice Cream

Jl Kawi 57
(0)24 8312180

Since we only get to stay at Semarang for just a night, we have to make use of our time wisely 🙂 Thus, we tried to try as much food as possible before we moved on to the net destination. Next morning we woke up at 6am to get things ready. Some of you might be wondering what we have for the breakfast… Answer : Famous Semarang Lumpia !! We managed to try 2 different version of lumpia  where I was told that it is quite famous in Semarang. But stay tuned for the Day 2 at Semarang , and where I will post all the great food !


Back from Sydney Trip – Introduce Satang Thai @ Sydney

I am back from my Sydney Trip!! It was fun and enjoyed my few days to Sydney trip although I got sick on my last day, but it was all worth it!

I went for 4 days 3 nights and literally missed Melbourne after. Sydney is different to Melbourne in my own opinion. With more hectic transportation, busy city, many cafes and restaurants all around the city area!

Before even I started my trip, I went to research on some popular local restaurants and cafes that most people would buy from. YES! I’ve got my chance to try them, not all but some … 😀

First up, I would like to introduce this Thailand Cuisine which is at Quay St, just right behind Paddy’s market.



Thai Milk Tea

The Thai Milk Tea is very tasty and sweet, but perhaps is a little too sweet. What I do is to just add water suitable to your sweetness, and should be fine .

Chicken Pad Thai

This Chicken Pad Thai is the best Pad Thai that I’ve ever tasted. The noodle is a bit chewy, but it totally suits my taste. You can either with chicken, beef or pork, depending on what you like.

Seafood Tom Yam

Some of you might not like the mushroom that comes with the Tom Yam Soup, but let’s skip the mushroom and go underneath what’s in the soup 😀 This Tom Yam soup is a bit more sour than the usual Tom Yam soup that I would usually taste, but it opens up my appetite to have more.Overall, it’s still a good tom yam to serve with rice 😀

Prawn Cake

This is Prawn Cake. It comes with 4 – 5 pieces . Each piece is reasonable big, thus it will be good if we go in a group of 4 ?  With the prawn cake sauce, I couldn’t be able to identify the sauce that comes with it but it definitely not the usual fish sauce. The taste is fresh, and I thought it could be either lemon sauce or orange (mandarin) sauce. It doesn’t taste weird when you dip it with the prawn cake, because it just blends well enough with it.

Fish Fillet with sweet chilli sauce

As you can see from the picture, this fish fillet dish is such in a big portion. Each piece is big and filling. if i’m correct, the price for this dish is $17.90. One of the best fish fillet that I’ve ever taste.

With additional 2 bowls of rice, we spent not more than $50.00 and there’s even leftover for us to take-away for supper 😀

To visit for your next trip to Sydney :

20 Quay St,

Sydney, 2000

Telephone : (02) 9280 0956

Satang Thai Takeway

Recent Cravings for cupcakes

My recent cravings for cupcakes are getting serious. @___@

From where I worked, there is a nearby “Little cupcakes” shop nearby where  I can get easily get cupcakes for my tea time. Little cupcakes is the first original cupcake store (as fas as I know) where they have lots and lots of various cupcakes made everyday. I have made a collection of what they usually have in store.

Apparently, Red Velvet flavour is one of the most popular flavour that most regular customers would go for it. Secondly, belgian chocolate , cookies & cream are my favourites too. So don’t forget to try them out when you are there! Order different types and share with your best friends! 😀

They have in standard sizes or mini sizes. For me, I find mini cupcakes is just prefect for tea session. Of course, by all means if you are a fan of cupcakes, then just let go everything for a standard size. Nevertheless, do try their Mocha or Hot chocolate to go with the delicious desserts.

They accept for online ordering at Little cupcakes website 

To Visit to the nearest Little Cupcakes in melbourne :

Shop 7 Degraves St, Melb Vic 3000, 03 9077 0413

TG06, 181 William St , Melb Vic 3000, 03 9600 1690

NEW STORE :  Shop 4, 118 Queen St , Melb Vic 3000,   03 9602 3884

Burgers @ Grill’d

I still loved Grill’d … Big portion and healthy (well, almost) … There are Grill’d everywhere in Melbourne, so if you would like to visit any of them, you can visit any of them by just google from its official website. My boyfriend loves Grill’d and we want some BIG BIG burgers to fill our stomach, we decided to go for Grill’d that was located in QV. I have  “Summer Sunset  beef burger” and my boyfriend ordered “Sweet Chili Chicken” Burger. Do order their “herb” chips with sweet chili mayo or herb mayo as its going to taste much more delicious.

Tomato sauce By Grill'd

This is their tomato sauce that each table will have for the burgers…. Isn’t that cutee?? I would love to have one especially it is in red colour!

Herb Chips !

This is what I am talking about : HERB CHIPS …

Sweet Chili Chicken Burger

Sweet Chili Chicken Burger – Grilled Chicken breast, beetroot, shredded carrots, salad, relish & sweet chilli mayo (Take a look at the next closer view !)

Closer View

Summer Sunset Beef Burger

This is what I have : Summer Sunset (With 100% lean beef, avocado (more like avocado spread), crispy trim bacon, golden pineapple, salad, relish & herbed mayo)


Official Website :




KimChi Lunchbox @ Glenferrie Part 2

I went to KimChi LunhBox yesterday to have lunch once again. It seems that the place will be one of my regular place to visit as they offer the cheap meal with only $10.00 on lunch sets. This time, I ordered something different and with the Menu look. So next time if you are visiting Glenferrie, this place can be one of the choice to think about. After lunch, go visit the Starbucks just 5 shops down the streets for nice little coffee.. 🙂

Spicy Beef LunchBox

Not like any other places, they do not actually give out free top up on Kimchi side dish. Instead, it will cost $1.00 to have another small bowl of Kimchi. All the staffs that I saw are mostly Koreans, and so I would assume that it should be Korean authentic dishes that they would offer. Looking at the menu, one of their special dishes would be hot plate (such as fried rice on hot plate, spicy beef on rice served on hot plate). The hot plate size just looks like a saucepan size type, so i think it is much easier than the usually hot plate that comes in the bowl shape. Enjoy people 😀

Place :

650-652 Glenferrie Rd
Melbourne Vic 3122
View Larger Map

After such a long time

After such a long period, I am finally back on writing on this page.

So far, it has been a refreshing year for 2010.. I get to meet new people, traveling, new job, new environment and on top of everything, I found my love once again. 😀

I am now back on track writing on my food blogs which is something I have always to continue on doing.. But MORE TO COME…! Because this blog will not just simply featuring on just food, but from now on, I will also put up photos of anything that I like, but mostly Fashion! Fashion as I told my friends around me, it is the passion of my life, the drive, the motivation, and the fascinating moment when I think what to wear, to accessories, to make up with my style of fashion. And so, for the past year, I met friends who share the same passion and interest with me and we decided to open our own business on fashion which names “Nouvelle Entrée”.

It simply means New Entrance! Concept is based on exposing new potential designers, new styles, new trends that we can offer to the world. Why do we have to spend on the same brand that we always stick with? Why don’t we try on something different? This is thus what we would like to point out to all fashion lovers. On top of everything, all products are limited quantities that only available in 2 quantities per piece! How cool is that?! >_< So i thought I will not only put up with food, but also the fashion thing that we think it will a good combination and NEEDS that suits all my readers. If you have the time, please go to That’s where our fashion corner is, all you can see of all our products.

Obstacles that is ahead of me will be unknown, but I know for sure this is going to be tough road.. But do not worry FENCIANA, because perseverance, positive thinking, be innovation are all the answers to success.

Well Guys, I hope you will enjoy these moment of me sharing food blogs, fashion blogs, or YES… Jewelleries are coming soon MADE by FENCIANA….!!! EXCITINGGGGG….. I am in the midst of learning of designing my own jewelleries… So in the future, if any of you are interested to purchase, please feel free to let me know! 🙂 I will for sure try my best to show case all of my treasures… Good Nite – 11.11pm 27 February “Pens Down”

Little Creatures @ Brunswick

Let  me introduce Little Creatures @ Brunswick!

I had been to this place just once and I’m in love with it! Not only they are unique (place looks like a warehouse), but they have all sorts of food served.. For what I know, they even brew their own beer and had different flavors..

It was couple months ago when my friend suggests we should try this place out. When we entered the restaurant, I thought it was unique and very casual environment! What a name for this kind of place called “Little Creatures”! I thought there will be lots of different of creatures figurine hanging around the wall or might be some designs that relates to the name of the place… Anyway, we looked at the menu, and there’s lots of varieties to choose from. Firstly, we ordered the beer which is called “rogers” *said to be the most famous* at a start. We ordered 2 different types of beer but I couldn’t recall the other name of that particular flavor that we tried.

The beers could be ordered in 3 different sizes which I think we choose the small size (avoid to get drunk during lunch time). So, followed by the drinks, we quickly ordered pizzas and mussels without wasting any time because my friend said (who’ve been there before) usually by lunch time, the place will be packed. And we need to be quick with our orders, otherwise it’s going to take ages for us to start our feast! While chit chatting through along among 4 of us, our orders finally arrived!

Since it was months ago where I’ve been there, for foodlovers who would like to have a try at their place, please refer to their website! They have all information that you guys need! Have fun enjoying the food! Hope it’s a new discovery for those of you who have not known this place !

Middle Cafe and Bar @ Middle Park

I was browsing through my photos folders and realized that every single folder, there’s always picture of food… >_< I think I am obsessed with food, and just could not avoid good food… Some of my friends might know that I ate any food EXCEPT baby corn… I tried when I was young like 5 years old and it tasted totally sucks and wierdd, the worst thing is that I almost vomit because of eating it. So it is totally a bad experience of it!

This time, I would like to introduce one of the cafes that I went to. We did not intend to go this cafe but eventually we can’t find that place, so we just randomly choose this cafe. When we first saw the place, it was quite pack of people.. Some of them sit outdoors with their pets and some are enjoying indoors (some were sitting at the bar table). So we chose to sit outdoors where the sun directly shine through me.

We ordered mocha and hot chocolate respectively before ordering any breakfast. It came pretty quick despite many customers were having breakfast too. With my stomach growling, i scanned through my menu and there I’ve locked my eyes on the Smoked Salmon with Scrambled eggs on toast! By just using my imagination, It would taste good no matter what..>_< My friend ordered Bruschetta on Toast.  When our meals came, it was actually quite a big portion! Presentation of the food are really nice and the customer service is friendly too.

While chatting and eating our breakfast in Middle Park, I feel that the lifestyle in Melbourne is really very relaxing. Looking at the people around us are pretty doing the same thing like us. Spending weekend time with families and friends are the precious thing we can do especially when we contribute our day time to our “lovely” full-time jobs. Anyway, by the time we finished our breakky, I went in to the counter and found there’s huge muffins! YES, HUGE MUFFIN! *Specifically* =banana muffin! 🙂 So there I go again, I ordered a banana muffin for us to share. The banana muffin was home-made and served warm! Obviously, I cut in quarter in order to allow myself only half or less considering how much calories I have consumed just breakfast ALONE. -___- I can really taste the banana chunk sitting right on the bottom of the muffin, and it was not as sweet as I thought. I like muffin that it’s not too sweet, so to me, the muffin is just perfect for my taste. My friend is not a big of muffin, so hopefully he’s enjoying it too while with me… 😛

In terms of pricing of the food, it is between $6 – $16.50. They do serve lunch too as far as I know and bars at night?

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average between $6 – $16.50.

Atmosphere: Pet-friendly,  modern Australia cuisine, many menu to choose from,  friendly customer service, efficiency.

Food : Between 7 – 8.5 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 20-22 Armstrong Street, Middle Park, Vic

Contact: 03 9699 6082

Café No.5 @ Central Place

Another breakfast day with my friend who is going back to Indonesia for good soon on 16th Jan. Recently, I have been having this feeling that more and more friends around are going back to their own countries for good.. Is it a sign for me? @_@

Anyway, before I went for this breakfast, I did a good job by going to gym early in the morning before starting any big feast. So at 11.30am, I met my friend @ Flinder’s station. As usual, this friend of mine is late…-___- but just merely 15 minutes.. We went to the one of the famous breakfast area @ flinder’s lane, and there’s one cafe that I went once with my other friend named “Café No.5”. I like that way they called them No: 5 although I’ve no idea what’s the story behind it.

To him:  “I wish you tried this next time with me, OK?”

So this place is very small, cafes along these street are almost very narrow and squezzy… But the atmosphere is one of the cosy I’ve ever been. I liked the structure and the designs of how it’s been created. Imagine you are entering into a small lane with full of people enjoying breakfast, chit chatting with friends, enjoying the gloomy/bit of sunny weather… *ooo* what a leisure! Alright, next we’re looking for is the space for sitting. We were lucky to get a table for 2 right at the corner. We quickly looked up at the small little board for the menu, and I decided on ordering eggs Benedict and eggs Florentine for my friend. My friend knew that I’m a muffin lover, so he ordered an extra raspberry muffin for us to share…  Right in front of the cashier, there’s like a display shelves where they put freshly baked muffin (chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, etc) and Paninis with different fillings/flavors.On top of that, I ordered Hot chocolate for me and Mocha for my friend.

Not long after we finished the muffin for about 10 – 15 min, here comes our breakky time… It looks really delicious with the hollandaise dressing on top of the eggs… For me, I love how they cooked the half-cooked eggs, it is just very tasteful to go with the sauces. Usually when I went to their cafe, I ordered their big breakfast, but this time round I decided to try other dish. One word to describe = Nice! Customer service is also friendly. Once they say we’ve emptied our cup, the guy will come over and cleared out table and asked if we liked another cup. When we need water, another lady will also quickly grab a bottle of water and serve it to us. This is what I would consider efficiency! We chat through the meal, enjoyed our meal and my stomach is satisfied. 🙂

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average between $10 – $15.00 for each menu

Atmosphere: Pet-friendly ( but I think you won’t want to bring your pet along bcoz it’s very crowded place), modern, friendly customer service.

Food : Between 7 – 8.5 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 5 Centre Place, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Contact: 03 9650 0055

Andrew’s Chicken Joint @ Lorne

I had breakfast @ Andrew’s Chicken Joint on my way to Great Ocean Road in a town called Lorne.The place is like a fish & chips bar and it’s always packed with people and MOSQUITOES!! I hate it especially when it comes to summer! It issss sooo annoying!!! There were sooo many menus to choose from which sometimes make it more difficult what to order.

Luckily, it was highly recommended by a friend’s aunt to have toasted Vienna cost $11.50AUD. Toasted Vienna consist Avocado, 2 fried eggs, bacon, mayo and English muffin. I was keen to taste if it was really worthy. So with hesitation,  indeed I ordered following with a cup of regular hot chocolate.The average food price @ the place are between $9 – 15.00 which consider to be cheap- eats for local and visitors…In terms of  service wise um… too many people to be served but I know they’re doing their best  in order not to stuff up any of the orders… The lady that I ordered from is straight-forward, quick and attention to detail.

She did say we have to wait 15 minutes, so when finally our oder numbers were called, I can’t wait to open my box to see what’s store in it! To make more memorable moments to have our breakfast, we went over to the opposit beach to enjoy our meals. Nevertheless, I took pictures of my breakfast and the next moment, I have started munching on it…. *chew chew, yum yum* The bacon is really well cooked and crispy.  Eggs were half-cooked and it was really tasty with pepper and salt. Oil was 80% sucked by english muffing, so we can imagine how much fat has been stored in that 1 slice of english muffin, but who cares! I’m still enjoying it.. Though it is not big, but it’s enough for me for tha day~

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average ( Consider cheap eats)

Atmosphere: Pet-friendly

Place Location: 134 Mount Joy Pde, Lorne, Vic 3232

Contact: (03) 5289 1255

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