Semarang Trip Day 1

Just a flash back on my trips that I went during the last few weeks, first was Bandung which only lasts for 3 days 2 nights. So my next trip has to be longer and it happens to be around 1 week! Exciting and totally fun 😀

For 1 week planning, my destinations are to Semarang, Yogyakarta and Batu Karas… I guess many of you might not know where is Batu Karas, which I will cover in the next few blogs in order to keep you all (my readers) waiting..

My trip starts really early at around 3am, due to avoid any traffic jam during the long holiday (Reason : Lebarang in Indonesia), and it takes us about 16 hours to drive all the way from Jakarta to Semarang, although it can be more faster. Just a bit inside story, sitting in a car enjoying the view is always something that I enjoyed…  Enjoying the sounds of music going in through my ears, being with someone who makes you comfortable and enjoyable makes the whole trip even more interesting. Suffering much through enduring urinate on the way (manage to stop by at pit stop, and queue for like 30 minutes to use the toilet ) -__-” , finally we arrived at Semarang at night around 8ish…  Without hesitation, we tried this place where I was recommended by my friend who stays in Semarang , Geisha! A combination of mixture Japanese, Italian and (could not remember the 3rd one, sorry peeps).. hahahah We just sit right in the middle of the place and  quickly ordered through the menu.

The place where you were surrounded with cutting edge designs, romantic candle-light served dishes, feel the breeze windy weather, overall you just feel very comfortable hanging in that place. It will be fun too for group hangout/gathering.

Geisha Sushi

Phone: (024) 850-3344
Fax: (021) 850-3255
Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 19 C, Semarang

Just after dinner, we decided to go to a place where they are famous for the desserts and night scenery. The place is located at the top of the hill and we are able to view really nice night view. At the restaurant, they mainly served ice cream and pancakes. We hang out there for a while just to taste the specialty that they offer. What do you think? Looks yummyy, isn’t it ?! They tend to closed at midnight, so do not miss out the place.

Lind’s Old fashioned Ice Cream

Jl Kawi 57
(0)24 8312180

Since we only get to stay at Semarang for just a night, we have to make use of our time wisely 🙂 Thus, we tried to try as much food as possible before we moved on to the net destination. Next morning we woke up at 6am to get things ready. Some of you might be wondering what we have for the breakfast… Answer : Famous Semarang Lumpia !! We managed to try 2 different version of lumpia  where I was told that it is quite famous in Semarang. But stay tuned for the Day 2 at Semarang , and where I will post all the great food !


Bandung Trip for 2012 Part 1

SO!!! First trip of the year 2012 ever since I came back from overseas is to BANDUNG…

Bandung is well-known of its nice weather and cafes around the city. To some people, it is like 2nd Bali of Indonesia..To me personally? It’s like Melbourne where I can go and relax in cafes , having a cup of coffee in the morning , viewing the scenery, enjoy brunch with friends, loved ones, family, anyone you can name it!

My trip was then 3 days 2 nights! Although, I still think is not enough, but at least I go get to enjoy it, all that matters, don’t we?

We set out on Friday night from Jakarta to Bandung, and it was only about merely less than 2 hours of driving down to Bandung.

Next morning is our real journey to tour around Bandung , basically no plans of where to visit but all we are going to do is to search for good food… The first place that we went is called kafeteria 170 which located on its famous Pasir kaliki no 170. A unique name but unable to be tracked in our GPS.. Reason? GPS not yet being updated or Kafeteria 170 is just a mistery cafe of curiousity… *giggling*

When we enter the cafe, we were the first customer of the day! How awesome.. no one and its only US!  The atmosphere of the cafe is like an old antique coffee shop with kiosk of various food that you can look for in that place.

As we look through the menu, I decided to go with the most original club sandwich and nasi campur for breakfast. Nevertheless, I have ordered myself hazelnut latte and mini dim-sum donuts as you can see from the pictures.

When you visit Kafetaria 170, do not forget to buy some snacks from there. We bought local bakpia which have chocolate, butterscotch, green beans and cheese flavoured. Freshly baked everyday and here is the yummy bakpia!!! 😀 Stay tuned for more food adventure as this is just the beginning of the excitement!

Address :

kafetaria 170

Jalan Pasir Kaliki no 170

Bandung, Indonesia

Back from Sydney Trip – Introduce Satang Thai @ Sydney

I am back from my Sydney Trip!! It was fun and enjoyed my few days to Sydney trip although I got sick on my last day, but it was all worth it!

I went for 4 days 3 nights and literally missed Melbourne after. Sydney is different to Melbourne in my own opinion. With more hectic transportation, busy city, many cafes and restaurants all around the city area!

Before even I started my trip, I went to research on some popular local restaurants and cafes that most people would buy from. YES! I’ve got my chance to try them, not all but some … 😀

First up, I would like to introduce this Thailand Cuisine which is at Quay St, just right behind Paddy’s market.



Thai Milk Tea

The Thai Milk Tea is very tasty and sweet, but perhaps is a little too sweet. What I do is to just add water suitable to your sweetness, and should be fine .

Chicken Pad Thai

This Chicken Pad Thai is the best Pad Thai that I’ve ever tasted. The noodle is a bit chewy, but it totally suits my taste. You can either with chicken, beef or pork, depending on what you like.

Seafood Tom Yam

Some of you might not like the mushroom that comes with the Tom Yam Soup, but let’s skip the mushroom and go underneath what’s in the soup 😀 This Tom Yam soup is a bit more sour than the usual Tom Yam soup that I would usually taste, but it opens up my appetite to have more.Overall, it’s still a good tom yam to serve with rice 😀

Prawn Cake

This is Prawn Cake. It comes with 4 – 5 pieces . Each piece is reasonable big, thus it will be good if we go in a group of 4 ?  With the prawn cake sauce, I couldn’t be able to identify the sauce that comes with it but it definitely not the usual fish sauce. The taste is fresh, and I thought it could be either lemon sauce or orange (mandarin) sauce. It doesn’t taste weird when you dip it with the prawn cake, because it just blends well enough with it.

Fish Fillet with sweet chilli sauce

As you can see from the picture, this fish fillet dish is such in a big portion. Each piece is big and filling. if i’m correct, the price for this dish is $17.90. One of the best fish fillet that I’ve ever taste.

With additional 2 bowls of rice, we spent not more than $50.00 and there’s even leftover for us to take-away for supper 😀

To visit for your next trip to Sydney :

20 Quay St,

Sydney, 2000

Telephone : (02) 9280 0956

Satang Thai Takeway

Gaijin @ South Yarra

What do you think of when it comes to Buffet Time? Is it the usual seafood buffet, international buffet? Well, if you are looking for something new, consider this place as one of your option!  It was recently opened (I think in Year 2009), and they are mainly japanese cuisine. They used to only offer like main dish like different types of sushi, but now they do offer buffet (All You can eat Sushi) . The names of their dishes are special too such as “Baked Dynamite Roll”, “South Yarra Special”, etc.. Such an interesting name, don’t they? 😀 Their prices are a bit pricy, but it will be worth it once in a while to go gathering with friends because it is just near Prahan market 🙂

Baked Dynamite Roll

Chicken Teriyaki

Agedashi Tofu

New Yorker Roll

Tofu Salad - Not in the menu anymore

Place: 135 Commercial Road
South Yarra, 3141

Telephone: (03) 9804 8873

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Gaijin Japanese Fusion on Urbanspoon

Mr Funny kebab @ Sydney Road, Coburg

Has anyone heard of “Mr Funny Kebab” that is located at Sydney Road, Coburg. Yess!! You might heard me, I am going to share about their food that i’ve tried there once before. I rarely go for kebab because to find a good kebab place is usually far away from where I lived. Only if my friends and I were to go in big group, then we will go and have dinner there.

My Funny Kebab is probably (to me) the first kebab place that I’ve been to. Just the name itself is very interesting, isn’t it? 😀 We ordered about 2 combination packages to be shared among 7 of us..  The main thing about Kebab places are the different types of sauces that they usually make. Thus, each combination, we ordered different sauces in order to try them out. One of them (which is our all time favourite) is the chilli paste. 😀 It was not really hot, but just unusual to have dip of chilli paste. Another nice little offer they have is that all combination package comes with rice underneath the meat that is on each plate. With such a big portion, it only cost $10.00 to be shared for at lease 2 -3 person. Unless you are a big-eater, then it is very cheap to have dinner there occasionally. 🙂

Combination of Chicken and Lamb

Chicken and Lamb with 2 other dip sauces

Served with Turkish Bread


Place : Shop 1, 469 Sydney Road
              Tel: 03 9354 7760

Home Made Baked Chicken with Pasta Sauce for Dinner

I have made Baked Chicken with Pasta Sauce for Dinner. 🙂 I usually liked to cook easy meal which would include both vegetables and meat (mainly chicken).

These are my main ingredients :

  1. Chicken Breast
  2. Mixed Vegetables (including carrots, cauliflower, peas)
  3. Bertolli (Arrabbiata) – Red Chilli Peppers
  4. 1 slice of Cheese
And this is how it turns out. 🙂 It took me about only 20 minutes to prepare and baked…. ! On top of that, I have added side dish of baked SWEET POTATO Chips 😀

Baked Chicken on Rice

Sweet Potatoes Chips


Pacific House @ South Yarra

I went to Pacific House on my Birthday with few of my friends. It was such a long time ago that the last time I have went. Overall, the food are still delicious, but getting packed than before. The price that you would expect is around $20+ per dish as you can share around the table. I have ordered 4 dishes which includes 2 combinations of Duck and BBQ Pork, Crocodile meat with XO sauce, Chinese Brocolli with abalone mushroom and its famous Fried spare ribs with salted eggs. Anyone who visits there must try the fried spare ribs with salted eggs because so far they  have the best taste I have ever had! 😀

With all these dishes, I only spend amount $110+ and we were all really full.

For those who loved to have a feast with your families, Please go to :

1/210 Toorak Road
South Yarra VIC 3141
(03) 9826 3838

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Shop 8
240 Victoria St
Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9427 8225

Hog’s Breath Cafe @ Chadstone, Melbourne

Let me proudly introduce “so far” the best beef steak and salmon steak that I have ever tried in Melbourne or even anywhere else that I’ve been. not surprisinly, I believed most people would know the existence of  Hog’s Breath Cafe. They main introduction will be their most famous beef steak (come in 200g, 300g or 400g). Atmosphere of the place is almost like a “Cowboy Town”.

I went there on my Valentine’s day! And so we started off with food fingers : Finger Food Combo. It comes with “potato skins (ham with cheese, tomato with cheese and red beans with salsa), delicious vegetable spring rolls, crumbed chicken tenders and salt & pepper dusted calamari. Served with a duo of dipping sauces: honey sweet chilli and Hog’s Breath honey mustard.” The price for this entree is $19.95.

On our main courses, we ordered Garlic Prawn Prime Rib and Salmon Steak and the portion is justtttt sooo hugeeee! -___-” Please refer to the photos above 😀

  • Garlic Prawn Prime Rib comes with 4 big prawns, 400g of medium done of beef steak, chips, gourmet salad and Garlic creamy sauces.
  • Salmon Steak comes with creamy smash potatoes, green salad, 1 handful of salmon steak and sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

Price ranges will start from $24 and above for the main dishes. Very very reasonable price as the portions are just more than enough. Desserts and drinks are also available from the menu!

As I live in the east side of Melbourne, I went to the nearest branch @ 695 Warrigal Road, Chadstone VIC 3148

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Enjoy these photos  and try them yourselves at your nearest place :




Cafe Vue 401 @ St Kilda

This is probably the official place that I’ve tried the breakfast and serious comments about them. I like the atmosphere as the place has some good interior design. My plan for that day (on 23/12/2009 to be specific) was to spend a relaxing day with my friends (dress on our summer dresses) and there we found the place.  When we arrive, the waiter who serves us is very friendly (he’s cute by the way). Cutlery that was used consider antique to me.

Moving onto the food and drinks, first off : 3 of us ordered different coffees : Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha (I ordered this by the way). I love my Mocha. I think they used chocolate chip at the bottom.  I never get to taste the other drinks that my friends ordered but it smells nice to me. >_< We looked over the cute menu (menu design consist of some funny jokes) for breakfast, but on the 2nd page, there’s  lunch menu which customers can start ordering at 11am. We were there at 10.55am, SO which makes us instead of having breakfast, we might as well try the lunch menu!..

SO our final decision were to order the lunch :  I ordered chicken wrap with their home-made chips. Chicken Wrap overall is not bad but the salad taste more like those which usually serve on Vietnamese rolls…  Although it tastes not bad, I did not expect it as I would expect to be western food totally. 2 of my friends ordered Yorkshire Pudding and Smoked Salmon Sandwich respectively. Out of 3 dishes that we ordered, I think Yorkshire pudding is the best.. The smash potatoes is creamy and soft. It serves with slices of beef which is very tender..The best sauce that I’ve ever tasted was their tomato sauces! They make their tomato sauce which tastes so deliciousss that 3 of us finished at least half of bottle of it! haha…

Customer service is good as they have friendly smiles and look after us whenever we run out of our glasses of water. In terms of pricing, I consider cheap as they do not overcharge the food at the place. Although I never get to try their desserts, but they serve such as pistachio cupcakes, assorted cakes (nice presentation of cakes) and a good place to relax with your pets, friends!

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average ( Consider cheap eats)

Atmosphere: Pet-friendly, modern, friendly customer service.

Food : Between 6.5 – 8 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 401 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 3000

Contact: 03 9866 8055