Bandung Trip for 2012 Part 1

SO!!! First trip of the year 2012 ever since I came back from overseas is to BANDUNG…

Bandung is well-known of its nice weather and cafes around the city. To some people, it is like 2nd Bali of Indonesia..To me personally? It’s like Melbourne where I can go and relax in cafes , having a cup of coffee in the morning , viewing the scenery, enjoy brunch with friends, loved ones, family, anyone you can name it!

My trip was then 3 days 2 nights! Although, I still think is not enough, but at least I go get to enjoy it, all that matters, don’t we?

We set out on Friday night from Jakarta to Bandung, and it was only about merely less than 2 hours of driving down to Bandung.

Next morning is our real journey to tour around Bandung , basically no plans of where to visit but all we are going to do is to search for good food… The first place that we went is called kafeteria 170 which located on its famous Pasir kaliki no 170. A unique name but unable to be tracked in our GPS.. Reason? GPS not yet being updated or Kafeteria 170 is just a mistery cafe of curiousity… *giggling*

When we enter the cafe, we were the first customer of the day! How awesome.. no one and its only US!  The atmosphere of the cafe is like an old antique coffee shop with kiosk of various food that you can look for in that place.

As we look through the menu, I decided to go with the most original club sandwich and nasi campur for breakfast. Nevertheless, I have ordered myself hazelnut latte and mini dim-sum donuts as you can see from the pictures.

When you visit Kafetaria 170, do not forget to buy some snacks from there. We bought local bakpia which have chocolate, butterscotch, green beans and cheese flavoured. Freshly baked everyday and here is the yummy bakpia!!! 😀 Stay tuned for more food adventure as this is just the beginning of the excitement!

Address :

kafetaria 170

Jalan Pasir Kaliki no 170

Bandung, Indonesia


San Churro @ Melbourne

I don’t have to advertise more about San Churro because I know Most food lovers would know about them! SAN CHURRO – Spanish donuts served with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and White chocolate… Yummmmm….. ~

Spanish Donuts with milk chocolate and dark chocolate

Ganaché Chocolate Collection

Today, I received the most sweetest present from my work-mate. At first, she thought my birthday is on the coming Monday. But then she realised after I told her my Birthday is yet 2 months away!! huahaha… Anyway, she decided to give me the chocolates which she has bought the last time and it was GANACHÉ Chocolate. Yummm Yumm….

Let me introduce the following collections :

Each costs at about $1.80 and the quality is just there totally!

Aren’t they just so nice to be viewed and eventually try them out?! 🙂

Feel free to go onto any of their available outlets at

For nearest in city Melbourne, visit :

1. Chocolate Lounge – Collin St, Melbourne (Tel : 9650 8388)

2. Chocolate Lounge – Toorak Road, South Yarra (Tel 9804 7485)