Mr Funny kebab @ Sydney Road, Coburg

Has anyone heard of “Mr Funny Kebab” that is located at Sydney Road, Coburg. Yess!! You might heard me, I am going to share about their food that i’ve tried there once before. I rarely go for kebab because to find a good kebab place is usually far away from where I lived. Only if my friends and I were to go in big group, then we will go and have dinner there.

My Funny Kebab is probably (to me) the first kebab place that I’ve been to. Just the name itself is very interesting, isn’t it? 😀 We ordered about 2 combination packages to be shared among 7 of us..  The main thing about Kebab places are the different types of sauces that they usually make. Thus, each combination, we ordered different sauces in order to try them out. One of them (which is our all time favourite) is the chilli paste. 😀 It was not really hot, but just unusual to have dip of chilli paste. Another nice little offer they have is that all combination package comes with rice underneath the meat that is on each plate. With such a big portion, it only cost $10.00 to be shared for at lease 2 -3 person. Unless you are a big-eater, then it is very cheap to have dinner there occasionally. 🙂

Combination of Chicken and Lamb

Chicken and Lamb with 2 other dip sauces

Served with Turkish Bread


Place : Shop 1, 469 Sydney Road
              Tel: 03 9354 7760

My purchase @ Zara Australia, Bourke Street

I had planned to go visit Zara Australia but it was just a thinking because due to the fact that it will be a  total chaos in Zara Store opening with people gushing through the shop to have a peek of what is in store. Without having high hope to get into the store, my friend and I decided to try on our luck to see if we are lucky enough to get through.

Surprisingly, when we arrived, although we have to queue to get in, but it was just merely less than 3 minutes (or less). Is it because I arrived at 6pm where most people have done their shopping? 😀 Anyway, we walked in and consumers are grabbing some clothes on their hands, some are like as if they have never buy clothes before, carrying big big pile of clothes and ready to  pay for them.. I was really excited to see not only the enthusiastic faces around me, but I am impressed with the style design that they have. With bright colours, simple cutting and design (suitable for winter or upcoming spring), the designs (I would say) are suitable to the local taste of fashionista. Although they do have many black pieces, mainly I observed many have chosen other colour than black. That’s Melbourne! To my opinion, they have done enough and good surveys in order to check what the consumers are looking for when shopping.

Coming back to me ( still VERY VERY happy of what I have purchase), I bought 5 pieces which consist of 4 tops and 1 RED skirt 🙂

Top with Stars

Pleated Skirt

Top with Gathered Shoulders

Blouse with Turn up sleeve

I couldn’t find the 5th piece from Zara Website, so I would choose to keep it a secret as to the last piece that I have purchased. Well, Aren’t they just cute and gorgeous? Considering they can be just easily matched with jeans. shorts, pants (for work), ready for spring look or even summer look. Their designs are never outdated with these pieces.

A small incident has happened to me when I paid at the cashier. When I have paid for the clothes, the cashier (or somehow) has forgotten to put one of my pieces into the shopping bag. I left the place and headed to my another friend place who has a shop in Melbourne Central. My friend asked me of what I bought and there I realised the green piece (as above) that I paid for is not there!! I kind of panic but in the same time, I walked back to Zara, thinking of what I should ask so that they would know or try to even remember if the lady in that cashier would still remember me… So when I arrived, I straight went back to the pretty nice lady who served me earlier. Before I could even open my mouth, she asked ” is the green top that you purchased?” And there you GO….! They even write down the details of what card number has purchased for my piece and put it in the back cabinet they have behind their cashier machine. I was totally satisfied with their service with the fact that such details, they would even bother to comply. Another applause and a very very good comment was they indeed have good co-ordination and organisation when such situation might happen during in busy time. This is just the perfect example that I think other retail store should learn.

Nevertheless, I will be looking forward to see what they will have in store in coming weeks and I shall get my wallet ready to spend just in Zara if they are continuing to have such tremendous pieces that I love. In the same time, their reputation in me has begun to arise and left a deep impression of what I think of them. 🙂

Happy Shopping !

Place :

Bourke St (Beside Myer)

Melbourne VIC 3000

Zara @ Bourke St

Ohhhh Nooo…..  I know Zara is opening officially tomorrow in Melbourne, Bourke St! And I will be heading there to see what’s in store… Anyone pleaseee control me… … So far, I went to look at the Lookbook Australia from Zara website and these are the 2 main things that I’m looking for tomorrow…  I am always biased towards anything that is in RED colour… So when I look at this dress, it is so totally ME!!!

Source by Zara

Source by : Zara

I am also into the jacket very much.. And this is also what I always wanted!!! I wonder when I went to the shop tomorrow, how much stuff I am going to own them…

To Visit Zara @ Melbourne :

Bourke St (Beside Myer)

Melbourne, Vic 3000

Kanteen @ South Yarra

I thought it was only few weeks ago that I went to this place Kanteen at South Yarra for the first time. I really missed their breakfast as well as their well designed location that is just beside the Yarra River. It was a nice little brunch moment, enjoying the wind breeze and the sunlight. Their half open space has attracted many people to enjoy coffees and breakfast that they would offer. My first time to visit is totally a worthy trip, with the accompanies of nice meals on the menu.

Place :

154 Alexandra Avenue
South Yarra VIC 3141
(03) 9827 0488
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KimChi Lunchbox @ Glenferrie Part 2

I went to KimChi LunhBox yesterday to have lunch once again. It seems that the place will be one of my regular place to visit as they offer the cheap meal with only $10.00 on lunch sets. This time, I ordered something different and with the Menu look. So next time if you are visiting Glenferrie, this place can be one of the choice to think about. After lunch, go visit the Starbucks just 5 shops down the streets for nice little coffee.. 🙂

Spicy Beef LunchBox

Not like any other places, they do not actually give out free top up on Kimchi side dish. Instead, it will cost $1.00 to have another small bowl of Kimchi. All the staffs that I saw are mostly Koreans, and so I would assume that it should be Korean authentic dishes that they would offer. Looking at the menu, one of their special dishes would be hot plate (such as fried rice on hot plate, spicy beef on rice served on hot plate). The hot plate size just looks like a saucepan size type, so i think it is much easier than the usually hot plate that comes in the bowl shape. Enjoy people 😀

Place :

650-652 Glenferrie Rd
Melbourne Vic 3122
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Wish Lists to be owned : Celine Boston Smile Handbag

This is one of the handbag that I would love to purchase if I see anywhere that is available.

Don’t you love it too? 😀



Home Made Baked Chicken with Pasta Sauce for Dinner

I have made Baked Chicken with Pasta Sauce for Dinner. 🙂 I usually liked to cook easy meal which would include both vegetables and meat (mainly chicken).

These are my main ingredients :

  1. Chicken Breast
  2. Mixed Vegetables (including carrots, cauliflower, peas)
  3. Bertolli (Arrabbiata) – Red Chilli Peppers
  4. 1 slice of Cheese
And this is how it turns out. 🙂 It took me about only 20 minutes to prepare and baked…. ! On top of that, I have added side dish of baked SWEET POTATO Chips 😀

Baked Chicken on Rice

Sweet Potatoes Chips


Mocha Jo’s @ Glen Waverley

Just a few weeks ago, my girlfriends and i were gathering at Glen Waverley for brunch and decided to choose Mocha Jo’s (one of the famous places in that area).

We arrived at 11.30am and we just missed out the breakfast menu… 😦 So , we have to end up browsing through the lunch menu instead. I prepared my stomach for “#4 THE CHICKEN” – which consists Roasted chicken breast mixed with fresh herbs, fresh tomato, spinach leaves and chunky chips served with mayonnaise (which I reckon they made their own mayo…)For drinks, I ordered white mocha (Different from the usual mocha that we all know, but this tastes really really NICE~)

My other 2 friends has individually ordered “SAGANAKI” – which is Grilled traditional Greek cheese, fresh lemon wedge, warm pita bread and “SHELLFISH LINGUINI” – Fresh black mussels, baby clams, tomato, garlic, parsley, chilli, extra virgin olive oil.

Overall verdict, presentations are well organised, prices are reasonable and good atmosphere to hang around with your friends for couple of drinks. Each of us spent roughly about $20.00 for the meal and we all walking out happily ever after….~ 😀


Shellfish Linguini


To Visit this place either for:

Breakfast from 7.00am – 11.30am (weekdays) or

                            7.30am – 12.30pm (Weekends or Public Holidays)

Otherwise :  Lunch / Dinner / Drinks

87 Kingsway
Glen Waverley Vic 3150

Telephone : (03) 9560 8444

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Seoul Restaurant @ Little Bourke Street

I was browsing back at my albums and found some food pictures that I’ve went lately, yet no time to upload and share with my fellow bloggers. 🙂

Well, now let me introduce Seoul restaurant which located at Little Bourke Street. I guess some Melbournians would recognize this place. Anyway.. 🙂 there were only 3 of us whom my friend is a regular customer, so she decided to bring me to have lunch.

The place was antique and look old form outdoor decoration. When you enter to the restaurant, the interior design is different from the usual Korean restaurant that most of you might have been to. Of course, for me, it’s a different atmosphere as I always anticipated. Looking at the menu and looking at the surrounding customers who are eating halfway through, I am still confused of what I should have. In the end, I asked my friend for opinion what’s famous that they usually cooked.

I’ve ordered KimChi Fried rice and we both share Spicy fried chicken. On top of that, we ordered BBQ Chicken and beef (Bulgogi) to be served.

BBQ Bulgogi and Chicken

KimChi Fried Rice with fried egg

Spicy Fried Chicken

Visit the place :

369 Little Bourke St
Melbourne 3000 VIC
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My lunch today : BiBimBap

This is my first time making BiBimBap. With ingredients that I used:

  1. Shitake Mushroom
  2. Spinach
  3. Bean Sprouts
  4. Carrots
  5. Zucchini
  6. Mince Beef
  7. White Rice (I used basmati rice) 😀
  8. Egg
For me to share to everyone! This is how it turns out to be… And thanks to Maangchi that I learnt a new dish today!

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