Sydney Trip Soon from 13th July – 16th July

Stay Tuned all food lovers! !!

I will be at Sydney from 13th July – 16th July 2011. One of my tasks for sure is to try their best cafés and restaurants that they have in Sydney Town! From where I stayed, is exactly just minutes away from all the good food that I can just easily reached out..!! I wish I could stay longer, but I hope I can get as much as food photos when I’m there!! 😀  *fingers crossed*



My purchase @ Zara Australia, Bourke Street

I had planned to go visit Zara Australia but it was just a thinking because due to the fact that it will be a  total chaos in Zara Store opening with people gushing through the shop to have a peek of what is in store. Without having high hope to get into the store, my friend and I decided to try on our luck to see if we are lucky enough to get through.

Surprisingly, when we arrived, although we have to queue to get in, but it was just merely less than 3 minutes (or less). Is it because I arrived at 6pm where most people have done their shopping? 😀 Anyway, we walked in and consumers are grabbing some clothes on their hands, some are like as if they have never buy clothes before, carrying big big pile of clothes and ready to  pay for them.. I was really excited to see not only the enthusiastic faces around me, but I am impressed with the style design that they have. With bright colours, simple cutting and design (suitable for winter or upcoming spring), the designs (I would say) are suitable to the local taste of fashionista. Although they do have many black pieces, mainly I observed many have chosen other colour than black. That’s Melbourne! To my opinion, they have done enough and good surveys in order to check what the consumers are looking for when shopping.

Coming back to me ( still VERY VERY happy of what I have purchase), I bought 5 pieces which consist of 4 tops and 1 RED skirt 🙂

Top with Stars

Pleated Skirt

Top with Gathered Shoulders

Blouse with Turn up sleeve

I couldn’t find the 5th piece from Zara Website, so I would choose to keep it a secret as to the last piece that I have purchased. Well, Aren’t they just cute and gorgeous? Considering they can be just easily matched with jeans. shorts, pants (for work), ready for spring look or even summer look. Their designs are never outdated with these pieces.

A small incident has happened to me when I paid at the cashier. When I have paid for the clothes, the cashier (or somehow) has forgotten to put one of my pieces into the shopping bag. I left the place and headed to my another friend place who has a shop in Melbourne Central. My friend asked me of what I bought and there I realised the green piece (as above) that I paid for is not there!! I kind of panic but in the same time, I walked back to Zara, thinking of what I should ask so that they would know or try to even remember if the lady in that cashier would still remember me… So when I arrived, I straight went back to the pretty nice lady who served me earlier. Before I could even open my mouth, she asked ” is the green top that you purchased?” And there you GO….! They even write down the details of what card number has purchased for my piece and put it in the back cabinet they have behind their cashier machine. I was totally satisfied with their service with the fact that such details, they would even bother to comply. Another applause and a very very good comment was they indeed have good co-ordination and organisation when such situation might happen during in busy time. This is just the perfect example that I think other retail store should learn.

Nevertheless, I will be looking forward to see what they will have in store in coming weeks and I shall get my wallet ready to spend just in Zara if they are continuing to have such tremendous pieces that I love. In the same time, their reputation in me has begun to arise and left a deep impression of what I think of them. 🙂

Happy Shopping !

Place :

Bourke St (Beside Myer)

Melbourne VIC 3000

Zara @ Bourke St

Ohhhh Nooo…..  I know Zara is opening officially tomorrow in Melbourne, Bourke St! And I will be heading there to see what’s in store… Anyone pleaseee control me… … So far, I went to look at the Lookbook Australia from Zara website and these are the 2 main things that I’m looking for tomorrow…  I am always biased towards anything that is in RED colour… So when I look at this dress, it is so totally ME!!!

Source by Zara

Source by : Zara

I am also into the jacket very much.. And this is also what I always wanted!!! I wonder when I went to the shop tomorrow, how much stuff I am going to own them…

To Visit Zara @ Melbourne :

Bourke St (Beside Myer)

Melbourne, Vic 3000

Wish Lists to be owned : Celine Boston Smile Handbag

This is one of the handbag that I would love to purchase if I see anywhere that is available.

Don’t you love it too? 😀



My lunch today : BiBimBap

This is my first time making BiBimBap. With ingredients that I used:

  1. Shitake Mushroom
  2. Spinach
  3. Bean Sprouts
  4. Carrots
  5. Zucchini
  6. Mince Beef
  7. White Rice (I used basmati rice) 😀
  8. Egg
For me to share to everyone! This is how it turns out to be… And thanks to Maangchi that I learnt a new dish today!

After such a long time

After such a long period, I am finally back on writing on this page.

So far, it has been a refreshing year for 2010.. I get to meet new people, traveling, new job, new environment and on top of everything, I found my love once again. 😀

I am now back on track writing on my food blogs which is something I have always to continue on doing.. But MORE TO COME…! Because this blog will not just simply featuring on just food, but from now on, I will also put up photos of anything that I like, but mostly Fashion! Fashion as I told my friends around me, it is the passion of my life, the drive, the motivation, and the fascinating moment when I think what to wear, to accessories, to make up with my style of fashion. And so, for the past year, I met friends who share the same passion and interest with me and we decided to open our own business on fashion which names “Nouvelle Entrée”.

It simply means New Entrance! Concept is based on exposing new potential designers, new styles, new trends that we can offer to the world. Why do we have to spend on the same brand that we always stick with? Why don’t we try on something different? This is thus what we would like to point out to all fashion lovers. On top of everything, all products are limited quantities that only available in 2 quantities per piece! How cool is that?! >_< So i thought I will not only put up with food, but also the fashion thing that we think it will a good combination and NEEDS that suits all my readers. If you have the time, please go to That’s where our fashion corner is, all you can see of all our products.

Obstacles that is ahead of me will be unknown, but I know for sure this is going to be tough road.. But do not worry FENCIANA, because perseverance, positive thinking, be innovation are all the answers to success.

Well Guys, I hope you will enjoy these moment of me sharing food blogs, fashion blogs, or YES… Jewelleries are coming soon MADE by FENCIANA….!!! EXCITINGGGGG….. I am in the midst of learning of designing my own jewelleries… So in the future, if any of you are interested to purchase, please feel free to let me know! 🙂 I will for sure try my best to show case all of my treasures… Good Nite – 11.11pm 27 February “Pens Down”


Happy New Year 2010!

Finally, we are 10 years after the Millenium! Isn’t time fly so quick?! What have you done in the past 10 years? Have you been reflecting what you’ve done and looking forward to the new year ahead?

I’m not going to write about food because I feel like expressing my emotions and feelings. Hope my friends won’t know what I have been writing in this page, otherwise I will feel embarrased… -___-** Anyway, year 2009 to me is very special for me. I learn so many things from experiences that I did not even know who I should thank! But for one thing that I’m sure of, I want to thank my best and closest friends (you should know who you are because we are housemates). She and her husband (newly married on November) have been supporting me and be there for me when I needed someone.

1stly, I went through break up after 7 years in relationship, which I thought if I can overcome it. Amazingly, I can! Because it makes me realised that there are so many other things that I have missed out over the past few years and there are so much things that I should explore. It was indeed a right decision that I am out of this relationship. If I’m not out of it, I won’t be able to meet someone better than him or even to experience the new things that I can enjoy with a bunch of good friends around me… 2ndly, I get to go to church and meet new friends who care and enjoy to eat good and delicious food! I couldn’t belive myself that I have never tried these good places that serves delicious food over the past 7 years that I’ve lived in Melbourne. Nevertheless, they are very caring and friendly and treat each other in the community as own family members… Even though, my church is very small about 200 people, but we pretty much know each other well enough and socialise with 1 another. I really love us being together! There’s still so many good things and stories that I might need 2 – days to list them out… But anyway, year 2009 has been fruitful year for me that there are things that I’ve lost, but in the same time I’ve gained much much more in my life!

For the year 2010, I have came up with wish lists that I hope I can accomplish:

  • Travel to Indonesia inter-state with my good friends!
  • Decide on my future settling place ( which is either stay in Melbourne or back to Indonesia for good, or even to other country!)
  • Plan and own my own business
  • Get good, challenging work experience to keep my life more MORE interesting
  • Wish that I shall keep to myself and hope it comes true… *hahaha*

A new year, new beginning, new life, therefore, I wish everyone will have good prosper year of 2010! >_<