About Fashionist

All girls (most of the girls) are obsessed with Fashion, fashion style, colours, pretty outfits, dresses, SHOES, HANDBAGS, branded and luxury fashion, ANYTHING that is relating with Fashion!

Fenciana (Myself) is one of these people who are in love with fashion, especially with unique and styling are probably something that I would love to explore more. In this blog ( a new page for ONLY fashion page), my main purpose is to share with fashion-lovers of what I see, I think, I love, I like, I admire, I envy with the surrounding fashion that I will come across… 😀 You might get something out of me through my mix and match style or some latest designs and trends that you might be looking for too and find out where you can purchase and own them in your OWN Closet.

Otherwise, I would thank you for admiring and enjoying of what I have been”in-blogging” about my own fashion style that I have collected so far!! *Happy*

Best Regards,




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