I’m Back !

I’m back to the world of Blogging!!  Oh my gosh, it was really more than 1 year ago since I last blog. Time just flies *wiiwwww* . Totally been busy with moving from 1 country to another, unpack my luggages which weighs more double of my size, finishing with own apartment of renovation, new job that I am currently totally in love, people that I meet and loved… Just been a good year so far (although there’s still up and downs)

For the next blogs onwards, it will all about foodlicious that I went in Indonesia. No matter where I am , where I visit, it will be totally about a new chapter of my life. Inspiration and motivation are all I need to keep me writing. Forgetting about the past and moved on to the future will be my motto and I wish for everyone who read this blog too.. 🙂

Coming soon on my first blog of 2012 (Like in almost end of August since I’m being unique!)


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