Muharam courtyard Cafe at Hawthorn, Melbourne

Yesterday, I finally get to meet up with my girls and had lunch together at one of the cafe located in Hawthorn, Melbourne.  I have never been to that area to shop or spend time around that area… Erm.. SO, my friend who works around that area has decided to call us to have lunch together at Muharam! I picked my friend up from her place and drove to Hawthorn.

Tash (who is the good friend of mine and works around that area) recommends a cafe nearby called “Muharam”. I never heard of it but I always trust her taste because she has always had similar taste as me in terms of fashion or food wise. We met up at 12 noon. Alvi (who is also another good friend of mine) and I went into the place and there it was the reservation table that has already waiting for us.. >_< First impression of the place is that it is just timeless.  The cafe has 2 different parts where customers are able to choose to sit at the back of the cafe @courtyard or indoor which is the cafe itself.  As we took our seat indoor, the lady came to us with a simple menu that she was holding on her hands. I had a look through at the menu and it’s basically look simple and ordinary.  Muharam serves all day breakfast as well as lunch. Some home-made cakes are being served too. We were chatting while browsing what we want for lunch as well as waiting for Tash to arrive.  Soon after, my dear Tash has arrived! She has always look cheerful and excited (must be lunch time!!) .

Just quickly looking through the menu once again, we have decided to order our food. I ordered Steak sandwich as I was told that this place serve good and delicious steak sandwich. Alvi has go ahead with chicken salad (somehow couldn’t really remember the full name). With Tash, she ordered food of the day – Thai Chicken with rice. On top of that, recommendations suggested that the cafe make good coffee too! Nevertheless, I ordered my all time favourite Mocha, and Alvi chai latte. My steak sandwich is really YUMMY!! It serves with big chunk of chips with some home-made sauce which they really cut into big strips from 100% actual potatoes and deep fried.  The bread was spread with butter and it was a bit of oily, but it still tastes absolutely tasty as the juicy steak just make the whole dish looks perfect. With Mocha as companion, I am just so into the lunch.. (^_^)v

It was a good lunch overall!! Crowds start to flow in during lunch time and amazing about this place is that there is open backyard for customers who want to enjoy lunch in such jazzy atmosphere. I enjoyed with the girls chit chatting almost anything! From the food that we ate to any topic such as fashion, my trip, our activities and etc. This is why I like to be around with good people and friends where we can share our happiness and troubles. I am really blessed to have them as my good friends in my life.. 🙂 As we continued the one hour lunch break before Tash has to go back to work,  I saw the young lady owner and she looks sweet and pretty. No wonder the cafe that she builds has a cosy and very jazzy feeling. I am really in love with it and would love to enjoy my afternoon just sitting down and enjoy a cup of coffee.. 🙂

Location: 81 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Vic 3122

Telephone: (03) 9818 7722