Soul Mama @ St Kilda Beach

My 2nd blog this time is about a vegetarian restaurant that I went on 29/12/2009. I’ve been to this place couple of times but usually during the nights where I meet up with friends and have a chill out for drinks and desserts. This time round, my friend suggested we should try out the lunch menu. SO, plan for my day this day is gym in the morning and went back home to dress up (summer dress) and head off to Melbourne St Kilda’s beach..

It was really such a good weather that day that I am so in love with the atmosphere, the people around me, the breeze, the sunny day that slowly burning me, pretty  much everything. But anyway, when we arrived, we were served by the friendly customer service, she asked us if we would like to sit indoor or outdoor. Of course, we choose to sit outdoor! We quickly decide on choosing on the menu which is “Any 5 hot/cold dishes with rice” which costs $19.50. Since it was a quite big portion, my friend and I decided to share the plate followed with their famous potato chips that served with sweet chilli and sour cream. Talking about the potato chips, it was made of fresh potatoes cut in slices and deep-fried (as if normal fries but only this time, they were slices). Nevertheless, on top of it, I ordered english breakfast tea and my friend ordered caramel tea which taste really extraordinary… (Although it tastes not bad, but still not my thing. -__-)

We choose most of it with salads (salad dressing = yoghurt) and chilli pea stew which we ate with brown rice. The waitresses are very friendly, however the person who serves seem to forget our orders. We asked for extra plate cos we are sharing and dessert menu, but she totally forgot about it. We didn’t make hazzle about it anyway because we were busy chit chatting.. 🙂 She did come back to us to apologize.. The atmosphere of the place is very pleasant as it faces right in front of the beach. SO you can enjoy the nature of the sea while enjoying your food, what a LEISURE!

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average ( You would probably looking around starting $12 and above)

Atmosphere: Relaxing, enjoyable, nature-feeling

Food : Around 7 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 10 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Contact: 9525 3338


Cafe Vue 401 @ St Kilda

This is probably the official place that I’ve tried the breakfast and serious comments about them. I like the atmosphere as the place has some good interior design. My plan for that day (on 23/12/2009 to be specific) was to spend a relaxing day with my friends (dress on our summer dresses) and there we found the place.  When we arrive, the waiter who serves us is very friendly (he’s cute by the way). Cutlery that was used consider antique to me.

Moving onto the food and drinks, first off : 3 of us ordered different coffees : Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha (I ordered this by the way). I love my Mocha. I think they used chocolate chip at the bottom.  I never get to taste the other drinks that my friends ordered but it smells nice to me. >_< We looked over the cute menu (menu design consist of some funny jokes) for breakfast, but on the 2nd page, there’s  lunch menu which customers can start ordering at 11am. We were there at 10.55am, SO which makes us instead of having breakfast, we might as well try the lunch menu!..

SO our final decision were to order the lunch :  I ordered chicken wrap with their home-made chips. Chicken Wrap overall is not bad but the salad taste more like those which usually serve on Vietnamese rolls…  Although it tastes not bad, I did not expect it as I would expect to be western food totally. 2 of my friends ordered Yorkshire Pudding and Smoked Salmon Sandwich respectively. Out of 3 dishes that we ordered, I think Yorkshire pudding is the best.. The smash potatoes is creamy and soft. It serves with slices of beef which is very tender..The best sauce that I’ve ever tasted was their tomato sauces! They make their tomato sauce which tastes so deliciousss that 3 of us finished at least half of bottle of it! haha…

Customer service is good as they have friendly smiles and look after us whenever we run out of our glasses of water. In terms of pricing, I consider cheap as they do not overcharge the food at the place. Although I never get to try their desserts, but they serve such as pistachio cupcakes, assorted cakes (nice presentation of cakes) and a good place to relax with your pets, friends!

Overall Verdict :

Price : Average ( Consider cheap eats)

Atmosphere: Pet-friendly, modern, friendly customer service.

Food : Between 6.5 – 8 rating out of 10!

Place Location: 401 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 3000

Contact: 03 9866 8055

Welcome to Foodlicious!

Welcome to Foodlicious!

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